Friday, July 22, 2011

Customized Gundam By My Idol

I was so excited when I saw this post by G.G.
Because I saw JJ Lin's customized gundam!!!
And I was like "Wow! My idol's gundam is so COOL!"

Meet The Darth Zaku 黑武士
Which is one of the song name in his sixth album SIXOLOGY
The idea is from his fav character in Star Wars, Darth Vader (It's my fav character too.)
Combines with Zaku I from Gundam series.(not sure is his fav gunpla or not)
His Darth Zaku makes me wanna customize one personalized gundam for myself too, maybe someday.
But the time I will use HG Sazabi(ohh my lovely mono-eyed friend) with Darth Vader Characteristics.
I think it would be nice.

JJ's has a great sense of simplicity, which is what I like the most.
It's simple and sleek to bring out the most fascinating part of Zaku or any other mono-eyed gundams, their curves, yea...their sexy curves with bulky feel.(which my friends don't like, nowadays people prefer skinny robots, but this doesn't mean I don't like skinny robots, it's just a matter of personal preference. XD)

Here are some other photos I found on web, originally posted by JJ himself in his blog.

Oh ya, how come he can make it so glossy? It's almost the same gloss level as Darth Vader's,
and the ++ is the combination of glossy topcoat and flat topcoat.
The light saber, I was so impressed with it, the helmet is so familiar (I mean not with Darth Vader, it's a part from other gundams)

Check out other customized gundam by Taiwan celebrities, they are quite nice too.
Sources from Gundam Guy

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